Gazzy Wear FAQ

I want a Gazzy but how do I know what size will fit best?

Something to keep in mind:  It is not uncommon to be different sizes on your top and bottom! All of our bodies are uniquely beautiful and different. Some of us drive little fiats, and some of us drive h2 hummers. All the cars are dope AF but they all different! So , consider your bust and waist when ordering- you can mismatch sizes.  You may be a smaller chested with a bigger booty. Whatever is clever! Check out your measurements.

The most important measurement to take if you are checking yours are the areas where the garment will be most closely fitted to your body. For instance, if you are buying the mid-waist bottoms, measuring just under your belly button will be most important.

How Do I measure myself?

  1. Bust- Without a bra, use a soft measuring tape to measure the widest part of your bust. Be aware that you are holding the tape in the correct zone without letting it sag ,slip down the back or squash you. Your measurement should be snug but not uncomfortably so.
  2. Place the tape between the bottom of your ribs and top of your hip bones ( often feels like the smallest point.
  3. Hip: Place measuring tape around the widest part of your bottom between your hips and thighs
  4. Torso-Place tape measure on your shoulder, loop it down between your legs and your back until it meets the other end of the tape.
  5. Inleg: Place tape measure at the top of the inside of your thigh and measure down your ankle.

Hot Onesie/Bodysuit Tips:

Keep in mind when purchasing a onesie or a one piece outfit that you may have a longer torso than average. While you may normally wear a small, you may wear a medium based on the length of your torso to prevent our old friend camel toe from popping up. A lot of women have had experiences with the dreaded toe and get scared off of onesies. Let’s not let you be one of those situations!  Measure your torso for the right fit . Our form flattering lycra is thick and pushes down the toe- so when order the correct size you will find that you should be 100% camel toe free- that is unless you like showing yours off which then by all means – get it!

Washing Care and Instructions:

You can def throw Gazzy in the washer in a pinch-but we suggest Hand washing and Hang drying for optimal Gazzy product long living life.  It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s worth it. If you do want to use the washer- maybe buy one of those garment netted bags for delicates.

Avoid Pilling/fading:

Do not wear scratchy materials or sweaters on top of your Gazzy. It can pull at the fabric leaving you with a sad pilly mess. Gazzy is best worn on its own, or with soft materials overtop such as mesh, silk etc.

Return Policy:

We typically do not do refunds for Gazzywear- we are a strongly suggested exchange only business. If you have an ish with your suit though, we will pay for you to ship it back and get you a fresh piece. This is only if the wear and tear of the Gazzy was out of your hands. It’s like your phone; we don’t cover water damage ‘cause you made a call during a rainstorm. Case to case scenario, we try our best to make you very happy here and work with everyone. If you do find that you received the garment and it is just too small and you never wore it , we can make a small exception for refund in these cases .Just get in touch through contact and we will see what we can do.

Request Line:

We are a small company so please do your best to not request anything that is not on the website . What we have is what we have and we are doing our best to make everyone stoked. We always love friendly suggestions though! Bring back the shorts! Or bring back that print!  But we cannot make special orders at this time so please find the item you love with what we have. We do not make custom sizes or pieces. We make xs, sm, med, and larges. These sizes are very stretchy too so most peeps can fluctuate between 2 sizes. The suggestion box is open at all times!!! You can do it!

You guys are out of my size!

If we currently do not have your size in stock of one of pieces we have up on the site- chances are we are making more. We always take backorders. So , don't be deterred from moving forward with ordering by shooting us  message- letting us know what size and style you are waiting for. We can get you all sorted out in a jiffy.

Tagging and Credit:

If you wear Gazzy, please take a pic and credit us @gazzybygazzo on instagram. If you see a pic of someone wearing Gazzy, please hashtag and @ us . We love seeing the photos!!!!

What can I do in Gazzy?

Swim, dance, festival, yoga, hot yoga, Pilates, aerial, surf, mountain climb, go out on the town etc.


We love feedback always! Let us know how your Gazzy is going whenever you feel like it! Let us know your current fav styles or prints! Tell us what you do in Gazzy

Female Blogpost:

Currently curating an ongoing all female blog post of women artists that have purchased Gazzy. We want to see a picture of you in the Gazzy and then we will send you a survey of 10 questions about you, your art, what you’re up to. We will then have links to your art so people can find you and support you. We love supporting each other here at Gazzy- so we can all come up together. Contact us if you would like to be included in the blog.

Thank you so much and we look forward to dressing you soon..