〰️   How do I measure myself?

BUST: Use a soft tape measure to gauge the widest part of your bust without a bra. Keep the tape measure in the correct zone without letting it sag, slip or squash your bust. Your measurement should be snug but not uncomfortably so.

WAIST: Place the tape measure between the bottom of your ribs and top of your hip bones; this often feels like the narrowest zone on your torso.
HIPS: Place the tape measure around the widest part of your bottom between your hips and thighs.

TORSO: Place the tape measure on your shoulder, loop it down between your legs and your back until it meets the other end of the tape.

IN-LEG: Place the tape measure at the top of the inside of your thigh and measure down your ankle.

Check the Gazzy size charts for in-depth measurements of our various garments. 

〰️   What size should I purchase?

For Gazzy onesies, keep your torso length in mind. For example, if you normally wear a S, you may prefer a M based on the length of your torso to prevent unwanted “camel toe”. With the correct size and our thick form-flattering Lycra, this area should appear smooth — unless you like showing off your toe, then by all means, get it girl!

For Gazzy matching sets, it’s common to be different sizes on your top and bottom. While some of us drive little Fiats, others rock H2 Hummers but all the cars are dope. The most important measurements will be where the garment is most closely fitted to your body at your bust and waist. Consider ordering mismatched sizes if need be.


〰️   What if my size isn’t available? 
If we currently do not have your size in stock, chances are we’re making more! Go ahead and make a backorder by sending us a message with your size and style request. We’ll sort you out in a jiffy. 


〰️   What can I do in my Gazzy?
Honestly, what can’t you do? Your Gazzy garment is appropriate for yoga, pilates, swimming, biking, clubbing, lounging, surfing, hiking, dancing, working out, walking your dog, and everything in between. 


〰️   Is my Gazzy garment a swimsuit?
Essentially, yes! While all garments are appropriate for athleisure (athletics + leisure), our body suits are particularly great for water sports like swimming, surfing, diving and more. The Lycra material is durable and moisture-wicking.  


〰️   How do I wash & care for my Gazzy?
To extend the life of your garment, we recommend hand washing and hang drying — it’s quick, easy, and totally worth it. However, if you’re in a pinch you can always use the washing machine but opt for a gentle cycle and use a net delicates bag.


〰️   How do I avoid pilling and fading? 
Do not wear scratchy materials overtop of your garment as it can pull at the fabric, leaving you with a sad pilled faded mess. We recommend completing your outfit with soft materials like cotton or silk. 


〰️   What is the return policy? 
We are an exchange-only business, and do not typically issue refunds. If you would like to exchange an item for a different size or colour, please email us at jazzygazzo@gmail.com with your request. If there is a technical fault or defect, we will investigate on a case-by-case basis and reach an outcome where you are 100% satisfied.  


〰️   Can I make a special request?
As a small company, what we have listed on our website is an accurate reflection of our current stock. However, we love knowing what Gazzy garments rocked your world (“Bring back those shorts!” / “I loved that print!”) Please note, we cannot accommodate special orders at this time and do not make custom sizes or pieces. Our sizes range from XS to XL, offering plenty of stretch and flexibility based on your unique body type.


〰️   Can I be featured on the blog?  
We are currently curate an ongoing all-female series of artists that rock Gazzy called "A Common Thread". If you'd like to be featured, send us a picture of yourself in the garment you purchased and we'll reply with a 10-question survey about your art and inspirations. Feel free to share your social links too — we love supporting everyone.


〰️   What kind of press or media has Gazzy received in the past?  

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