It's a Gazzy throwback

GAZZY CLASSICS — limited edition favourites dating back to our first release in 2016 with dear friend @tigerfresh. Nothing hits quite like these dreamy, chalky and chunky pieces.


Gazzercise Fitness

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Activities & care

Honestly, what can’t you do? Your Gazzy garment is designed for a life of athleisure and adventure. With the exception of a few garments, everything is made from durable and moisture wicking Lycra. To extend the life of your garment, we recommend hand washing and hang drying — it’s quick, easy, and totally worth it. If you’re in a pinch you can always use the washing machine on a gentle cycle with a delicates bag. 


What to expect from Gazzy Drops

Buckle up, friends! Instead of doing a single season collection, Gazzy is releasing more frequent small batches of limited edition prints in a selection of styles. So if you see something you like, don't hesitate — grab it because once it's gone, it's gone! Stay tuned here and on socials to snag that limited swag. Hope you love all of newness coming your way.


The Bass Coast fanny pack is a staple for any show or festival. I comfortably wear it as a cross-body while dancing and it’s perfect for keeping track of the essentials. The only con…it’s too fresh. 💜 


“The Bass Coast bra top is my top pick for everything from snowboarding to production life…I’m comfortable after a 13-hour day. Paired with my track suit, I’m ready to go. 🌸 


About the designer

Gazzy by Gazzo is a lifestyle brand inspired by the eighties and nineties, decades of rebellion and self-expression. The geometric, terrazzo, animal print patterns are designed to disrupt the industry status quo and embolden the wearer. Designer Megan Gazzo has launched four successful collections since the very first 2017 Memphis-inspired “Oh, Snap” line, proving the onesie is truly a girl's best friend.

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