Reva Devito ~ Songstress, Creative Director & Visionary ~ Los Angeles, CA

1. What inspires, moves or drives you?
Inspiration comes in so many forms. I love getting off the grid, and camping for as many nights as possible. I've worked pretty hard over the years assembling a great kit with everything I need to be stoked and cozy at the most primitive of campgrounds. I also get a lot of inspiration from traveling the world and just watching out the window and marveling at the world and all its different cultures. I find that I come up with a lot of content in the bubble bath, so thats an inspirational place for me. I also get a lot of inspiration out of the women's moon circles I do with my close girl friends. It's really nice to be vulnerable with the people you love, know that you are not alone and also to feel a connection to spirit in some way.

2. What are a few of your favourite things?
Bubble baths, my pillow, fresh squeezed screwdrivers, belly laughs, orgasms, sunsets.

3. What do you see as an ideal world? What does that look like to you?
One where Bernie Sanders is our president. One with corporations that give a shit about human beings and the environment. Everyone can earn enough money to support their families and live comfortably at minimum. Sick people can afford their medication.

4. What is your “offering”, creative or otherwise?
I make music! Love song writing and performing. Been doing it for over 10 years now!

5. How can we find your work or follow along with your journey?

Spotify: Reva Devito
Instagram: @reva devito 

6. What are your favourite quotes or words to live by?
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.”

7. Who are your heros/heroines and how have they impacted your life?
My Mother. She is an angel. She shows me the most love in the world but also challenges me when I'm operating from a shadow space. She laughs at all of my jokes and always cooks the most delicious meals in the world. I'm so grateful for her. LOVE YOU MOM!

8. How will you leave your mark on the world, both in terms of community and the environment?
I want to be the best version of myself that I can be. I want to show up for my friends and family when they need me. I want to help people who need somebody maybe when they don't have anyone. I want to write songs that bring people ease, hope, joy when they most need it. I want to make people smile and laugh. And I want to do whatever I can to help care for the planet.

9. What advice would the present you share with the past you?
Don't worry about what other people think. Do what you say you're gonna do. Don't be afraid to take risks. Get uncomfortable.

10. What challenges have you overcome and how?
One of the biggest challenges I have lived with was losing my father as a baby. It's a challenge that can really never be overcome because it's something that I live with everyday. But I have found ways to connect with him and honor him that bring me closer to his presence over the years, and that to me is rewarding in such a special way. We never get over losing our people, but we can find ways to stay close with them in our lifetimes.

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