Keesha Carpenter ~ Nail Technician ~ Vancouver, BC

1. What inspires, moves or drives you?
My need to create! I have a lot of anxiety and when I am creating I am able to distract myself from that and get into a flow state and I love it so much. It is my medicine!

2. What are a few of your favourite things?
PINK and anything holographic my favourite smell is ylang ylang. Dolphins are my favorite animal... I am also obsessed with plants. My house has around 80 plants in it now.

3. What does an ideal world look like to you?
This world would be one in which everybody carried the same loving, non-judgmental and carefree attitude that you find at a lot of festivals. I love the beauty and creativity it brings out in everyone and how we all just learn to love ourselves a little more, therefore opening our hearts up more to others as well.

4. What is your “offering”, creative or otherwise?
I create bold, colourful nails!  I also love to paint acrylic on canvas!

5. How can we find your work or follow along with your journey?
Instagram: @electriknailz

6. What are your favourite quotes or words to live by?
Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

7. Who are your heros/heroines and how have they impacted your life?
@nailz_by_dev ... I absolutely love her art and her artistic freedom. She is one boss ass nail artist who has worked her ass off to own her salon!

8. How will you leave your mark on the world, both in terms of community and the environment?
I want people to feel like I made time for them to make them feel special. It’s something I really struggle with as a business owner with multiple side businesses…making sure I have time to do those little things that make people feel special. But at the end of the day, nobody is going to remember that extra set of nails I did in a week. However, one smile at a stranger or one good phone call with a friend could make their day (and mine) and that will make the world slightly brighter. I try to be as eco-conscious as possible by not eating takeout, not using single use products, eating mostly plant-based, etc. I love learning about more ways I can expand on this.  Questioning where things came from/what they are made of. For example, I had my hair braided with synthetic hair for a festival in Costa Rica. I love the way they look, so I never questioned what they were made from. They were driving me nuts after a few days, so I took them out.  As I took them out, I was like, ‘omg... is this plastic?!’. I took them to the EcoHub (the people who sort the festival trash) and it turns out they are made of one of the worst types of plastic.

9. What advice would the present you share with the past you?
Your confidence and beauty is right there inside of you, stop seeking out it everywhere else.

10. What challenges have you overcome and how?
Self discovery. Honestly, I learn so much about myself every single day it amazes me. Especially since getting sober. I grew up in a super religious and sheltered home where I wasn’t really allowed to question who Keesha really is. I morphed from that into ‘party girl Keesha’ and tried to attach to that identity. It wasn’t until I moved to Vancouver that I was surrounded with more like-minded people and I really began this journey of self exploration! And it’s been beautiful! I am so incredibly grateful that I can explore my creativity in ways I honestly didn’t even know I had. My word of advice would be when you aren’t finding happiness in things in your external world, maybe it’s time to look within.

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