MADE TO ORDER- Designer Trip Black Denim Coveralls

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Reference the custom Gazzy Size Charts to find your perfect fit.

 Made out of durable yet soft Denim fabric, these coveralls will not only keep you warm but they will keep you very cute. Bootleg cut , with a scrunchy expansive back. Super limited edition limited quantity. Get yours before they all gone. Available this fall and winter only. Delivery Nov 5th

This “ Designer Trip Black” print was made in collaboration with my little bestie @Littlemythy. Inspired by a well known classic designer print but with our own SPIN on it!, The "LM" stands for Little Mythy and the GG is for GazzybyGazzo. Choke filled with tons of our favorite icons such as cowboy boots and smileys, it is like a “trip” down 90's  Electric avenue . 

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