Confetti Bodysuit Onepiece

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Confetti Bodysuit! So amazing and fun ! When I started this line I said " I wanna bring back the 80's in a fun , funky and sexy way!" And here we are with this incredibly adorable, unique bodysuit! So comfortable and easy to decide what you want to put on. Simply throw on this bodysuit with some tall boats if you are at burningman or a festival, or wear it with some highwaisted jean cut offs or long jeans for a night out on the town . You can also wear it for working out , performances or swimming even! It is made of lycra so it does well it in the water. The material is what I like to call " form flattering" instead of " form fitting" because it is thick and comfortable. This ain't no janky spandex! Everyone is always pleasantly surprised to feel the amazingness of the fabric! Sexy scoop back with slight sexy scoop front. Not to mention snap crotch!! Perfect for bathroom runs. Be sexy be cool and most importantly have a blast wearing this one! Get your Gazzy bodysuit now and never look back as you ride your unicorn into the sunset of a lisa frank like existence!