About Gazzy

Hi there! My name is Megan Gazzo and I am an Italian-American born and raised in good ole' steel country of Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania. I have always considered myself one to be drawn to the arts- as my grandfather was a great artist. He worked closely with Andy Warhol and created all kinds of incredible art my whole life. There are pictures of them together in the Andy Warhol museum and all over many museums that feature Andy. I moved here to the west coast about 10 years ago, and currently live in Portland. I am a comedian, a writer, a rapper, a massage therapist and a designer. Comedy and levity are my truest passions! This business has helped to support my love for comedy and has brought so much joy to my life in general. I have the opportunity to connect with incredible people from all over the world that wear my stuff and I feel like I am woven into their lives in that way. I have always had an undying love for onesies and the 80's and 90's, so it was only destiny that I started this company, called Gazzy. I have experienced the strange mental effect throwing a onesie on can have .There is something about onesies and twosies that eliminates complicated outfit choice decision making, and that really just makes you feel you can do anything when you put one on. You can climb mountains, do yoga, festival, anything! I love my line because it is cozy, thick form-flattering lycra that is breathable & wick-able. You can be the superhero/superheroine/theyro you always have dreamt of in this stuff!

I think we are living in a time where we reflect on the 80's and 90's as a simpler time where things were generally more loose and there were less rules .  So many rules today! Gazzy is chock-full of nostalgia and is for the adventurer, the rule breaker, the bold, the curious, the magic maker, the festivaler, and the active lifestyler. One might ask if you are wearing workout clothes when they see you in Gazzy and you can confidently respond, " Life is a workout...Gazzy!" I have had the honor of working with an amazing team of people that are helping me make my dreams come true. For this line " Tokyo" I had the ultimate honor and pleasure of having the chance to have 4 of my ideas to be realized by Japanese Illustrator Yoko Honda. Yoko Honda has been my ultimate favorite artist and inspiration for many years . I reached out to her to see if she would want to work together and she said yes. I have never felt such joy in my entire life. She is a sweet , kind and magical woman and I feel so honored to have worked with this Queen. The Roses'n'Sprinkles print I had the honor to make with TIgerfresh. Tigerfresh is one of my closest friends , favorite people in general, and sickest artists on the planet and I just love working with him more than anything. We created my whole last line together entitled " Oh Snap" . I will be reprinting those prints in new styles coming soon. @Tigerfresh and I  are going to continue to create together in the future and create freshest print after freshest print for you sweeties. Thank you to Ariel Ramira for helping me construct this badass site. I also want to thank @marionmax for sending me in the right direction on making my dreams into reality and @littlemythy for being my muse & inspiration. And to my bad bishes stitchers,fabric providers and fabric printers Ricca, Ika & Jessica. Super proud and honored to present to you my new line "Tokyo" Tons of love woven into this stuff. I hope you enjoy and have fun wearing it! Take pictures please and post on our instagram @gazzybygazzo



Mackenzie Duffy @starliteguardian

Kayla Goul @cherrytomatoe93

Art Direction & Styling :

Arika Domanick @arika_domanick

Photographer: Clark Leland @clarkeleland

Ideas by Gazzy realized by Yoko Honda

Ideas by Gazzy realized by @tigerfresh